I didn’t teach today…

… I facilitated. It’s a review day. The kids will take a test next time I see them. My Algebra 2 kids are ready for the test. Even though I didn’t teach, I was able to check in with everyone as they worked on problems, got caught up and helped each other out. They asked good questions. I feel like they are ready.

I told them so. They seemed to like that feedback.

So, I ‘taught’ but it was on individual levels, not the group as a whole. I think I had a great day and was relaxed in part because I had spent time this morning writing about and thinking about my attitude. I brought my respect for my students to the forefront of my mind.

It was also because they are prepared, and know what they will be tested on. They felt confident, too.

Here’s a copy of last week’s quiz, a model for this week’s test…




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