Final Project for Algebra 2

As we head into finals season, students have asked to do another project! This blog post will be updated as we get underway, but so far, here is the updated rubric draft for Spring Semester! I thought I’d put it out there after the last post on this type of project has had so many views and downloads lately. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Final Project for Algebra 2

    1. It depends on how much time in class you give them. I would say at least two weeks. I give about 45 minutes at first, so they can get started on it and we can troubleshoot. They should create Desmos accounts so they can save their work (save early, save often). Then, they can do it in the background when they are at home or when they have time in class. You can start this up to 4 weeks in advance and give partial due dates – like start with a draft on paper, then a draft midway…


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