About Me

I have been teaching for about 15 years. Some of the time was part-time. I’ve really had a range of classroom experiences – private school, public school, middle school, high school and community college. Mostly, I’ve been teaching math. At the community college, I taught in the business department. I have a master’s degree in Economics, so I taught business courses and statistics.

Work-wise, I had a paper route when I was a kid, I worked as a dishwasher, a sales person, a make-up counter person, an analyst, a statistician, an economist and now, a teacher. Oh, yeah, and I was in the military when I was 19-20. I spent a year in Germany. That was a great year.

I’ve got some publications under my belt. I worked with great teams at UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco and published works about the health care industry. Mostly, I provided statistical support and some technical writing. I’ve also written two theses. One for a master’s in Economics, on business location decisions, and one for a master’s in Education, on Algebra 2 as a gate-keeper course.

I’ve raised two wonderful daughters with my wonderful husband of 25 years. Raising children has helped me be a better person and a better teacher.

I love continuing to learn and develop as an educator. There are great professional communities out there including the California Mathematics Council, the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics, and Twitter (#mtbos, #iteachmath, etc). The most surprisingly useful for me lately has been Twitter. Sign-up on twitter if you haven’t, and search for people in your field. For math, search #MTBoS for some great resources, people to follow, etc. Get other teachers at your school to do the same. Grow together.

Subscribe to blogs. They give you things to think about and to try. Check out Dan Meyer and Robert Kaplinsky. Start a blog. It will make you think and become better.



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