Algebra 2 Final Projects 2021!!


It’s so rewarding to see the things students do when given some parameters, a rubric, some help and their own creativity. The students seem to like the project, some of them get really into it. The featured image here is by Rowe S.

Many students want to rotate things and actually went beyond the curriculum to include trig functions we hadn’t learned yet using this video and info from this blog post by Suzanne von Oy:,or%20goes%20back%20and%20forth.

Here are some screen shots and links to other projects. Next year, I plan to have students work on their project throughout the year.

Mary S:

Rowe S.:

Izzy S.

Avery G:


Faking the Final for Algebra 2

Sorry, I just can’t give the kids a real final. I’ve had a hard time giving quizzes and tests all year. I blame it on the Pandemania! Most of my students grades have been based on completing their notes, practice assignments, and few alternative assessments. Even when I would give a quiz I followed up with providing the solutions so they could resubmit, generating a lot of 100% scores.

I’ve gotten good feedback from the students who are earnestly doing their best. Themes tend to be they felt less pressure, felt like they could focus on learning and enjoyed coming to class. Students who said they didn’t like math in the past are enjoying this year. What a gratifying outcome given the majority of our year was virtual.

For the ‘final’ I am actually having them do a project (rubric available here). But, I was worried about their ability to hit the ground running in the fall if they are going into Pre-Calculus at our (or any) high school or college campus. I’m not sure how well they actually learned the material or retained it this year. So, I’m giving them a fake final.

It’s a regular final, but I call it fake because I will also provide the answers and links to Khan Academy in case they decide they should study the topics before they get into pre-calculus next year. I also won’t be grading it. They will. It’s also not required. They seem to like this idea, because they share my concerns for the most part. It’s not required because not every one is continuing on to high school level Pre-Calc – some are going to statistics, graduating, etc. But, they need to take placement tests if going to college, etc. This can help them prep for that if they need to.

Below are links to the pdf file and Khan Academy that can help them. If you want the Word version, just email me a

Algebra II fake final (still in draft stage):

We did decide to skip some topics this year: Data Analysis and Trigonometry, so those topics are covered through Khan, but we didn’t cover them in class so you won’t see them on the exam. The arrangement of the video units on Khan Academy is different than our course arrangement, but hopefully, students know enough that they can navigate the topic list!

Links to Khan Academy List of Topics:

  • Polynomials
  • Rational Functions
  • Radical Functions and Rational Exponents
  • Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
  • Probability
  • Sequences and series
  • Data Analysis
  • Trigonometry

Final Project for Algebra 2


As we head into finals season, students have asked to do another project! This blog post will be updated as we get underway, but so far, here is the updated rubric draft for Spring Semester! I thought I’d put it out there after the last post on this type of project has had so many views and downloads lately. 🙂